A Black, Black Friday

The last time I ventured out on a black Friday, my son Alec was 5 years old.  We had just purchased a chocolate ice cream from McDonalds in the Walmart store.  Dad got a large and son got a small.  Did I tell you about the crowds?  No sooner than we held those beauties in our hands it was all over in just a few seconds.  Let me explain.  We were just trying to get out of the store.  Apparently after grabbing their 99 inch TV’s for $99.00 dollars, everyone decided to exit Walmart all at the same time.  Let me save you some time.  Me and my son were now wearing those scrumptious delectable chocolate ice creams.

Forget the ice creams, I was now in full panic mode.  Somehow I managed to  hold onto my son and kept him from being trampled on by the black Friday TV crowds.  As we stood out in front of Walmart, thankful to God that we escaped the most dangerous day of the year, I told my son that I would never again go out on Black Friday, that is until last Friday.

Now I have grandchildren who can talk grandpa into just about anything.  Yes, even after all these years, I broke my vow to never go out on Black Friday ever again.  How can you say no to your grandchildren?

We were at game stop.  What a nightmare.  My grandson Caleb told me they were having a 2 for 1 on their used games.  When we got there the line was out the door.  Visions of chocolate ice cream was dancing in my head.  I was having a panic attack.  I told Caleb to get in line, he had picked out his games.  He told me he was a little short with the ten dollars I had given to him.  So being the good grandpa that I am, I spotted him another twenty.  And just when you think it can’t get any worse for a Black Friday, Caleb tells me he lost the twenty dollar bill that I gave him.  Now it’s a black, black Friday.

A lady standing behind us overheard our conversation about the twenty dollar bill.  She told me that there was a gentlemen behind her that found Caleb’s twenty and he took it up to the cashier and turned it in to lost and found.  Just a few minutes later Caleb had his twenty back.

I don’t know if this gentleman was a Christian or not, however one thing that I do know about him, he has a good conscience.  The Apostle Paul said it was one of the most important things in life to possess.

1 Timothy 1:5,  “The purpose of my instruction is that all the Christians there would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and sincere faith.”  NLT

There are good people out there, even on Black, Black Fridays!

Bishop Rob Culver



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