I’m sure that you have already heard the story of the French police officer that died after offering himself up in exchange for a hostage in a deadly supermarket siege recently. We now know that he served in Iraq in 2005 and was also a member of the presidential guard, among other notable achievements.

The officer, identified as Lt. Col Arnaud Beltrame, 44, died of his injuries after he took the place of a female hostage when a gunman went on a rampage at a Super U supermarket in a southern French town.  This was clearly an act of terrorism.

His death brings the death toll to four. Authorities said that 15 others were injured in the vicious attack. (From Fox News)

According to Fox News, Beltrame, who traded himself up unarmed, secretly left his cellphone on so police outside could hear what was going on inside the store. When they heard gunshots, they stormed the supermarket, killing the 25-year-old terrorist.

Beltrame was fatally wounded and later died of his injuries.

The dictionary meaning for midnight is the middle period of the night.  The moment in time when it is darkest.  We have moments like that in real life.  I call them midnight moments.

It was a midnight moment for this unknown women that was being held hostage, and her life was about to end.  But Beltrame took her place.  She went free and he gave his life for her.  Love came to her at midnight.

Does that story remind you of anything??  It should.  Ladies and gentlemen, love came to us at midnight.  The worst terrorist of all was holding us hostage.  It was the devil.  Jesus stepped in and took our place and He let us go, and He died for us.

I’m so glad that Jesus came to us at midnight.

Galatians 4:4a, But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son,  KJV

2 thoughts on “Midnight”

  1. I hope that woman has taken advantage of his sacrifice and accepted Christ into her life. Very few of us are given that one extra day, what made her so special? God knows.

  2. Praise God Bishop thank you for sharing that, it reminds me of something I read today, “The darker it is the brighter the stars shine” it seems crazy but it’s true we can only have a great view of the stars when were in a very dark place, God bless you Bishop love and appreciate you!!

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