Wrong Car!

I have always heard of this happening, but I had no idea that someone related to me could do something like this.  And that is ……….. get into the wrong car.  My wife and daughter decided to go out to dinner without me, I guess it was a mother daughter thing.  Yes, I was getting on a plane to speak at a conference down in Arizona, still, they planned this dinner thing right when I left.  We could have gone to dinner together before I got on the plane, right??

So, they decided to go to a nice Chinese restaurant.  When they were all finished, little doggie bags in hand, they headed out the door to get into the car to head home.  The problem???  They got into the wrong car.  Here is what is so crazy about this story.  We have a Chrysler 200.  They were climbing into a Nissan.  Our Chrysler looks nothing like the Nissan.  Our Chrysler is black, the Nissan was blue.  Should I keep going???  These two cars are not even close to looking alike.  When Robbie and Christina told me this story, I was thinking, my family needs prayer.

What’s really crazy about this story is the stranger’s car door actually opened.  If there is one thing I have learned living in Fresno it’s “LOCK YOUR DOORS!”  You never know when some crazy mom and daughter will try to drive your car away.  Get this, they never noticed that they were in the wrong car until they saw the white seats of the Nissan, by the way, our Chrysler has black seats. Wow, it took white seats for them to notice that something was very wrong.

This made me think about all the trouble that people can get into by not being aware of their surroundings.  And to top it off, while we are about to climb into a bad situation, it takes white seats before we notice that we are about to make a big mistake. Did you know that the Bible speaks to us about this very subject?  You should notice the wrong thing as soon as you see it.  We should never come close to crawling into the wrong car, come on man.

1 Thessalonians 5:6, Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.  KJV

4 thoughts on “Wrong Car!”

  1. I went to the store with my mom. When I came I got in a car. A lady was sitting the drivers seat I looked at the car next to us and there sat my mom. The lady in the car never said a word, neither did I. But I did get out and got in my mom’s car, she was laughing sooo hard it took awhile before we could leave.

  2. I tried to get into a locked car that I thought was mine. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t open with the fob so I tried the key… that’s when I figured out I had the wrong car. I’m just glad the rightful owner didn’t see me making a fool of myself. 🙂

  3. My mom and I went to Safeway to go grocery shopping . So we Finished our shopping and left the store to get the car, but as I got in the car I noticed my mom was missing. So I Asked her what happen , and she told me she got into another car with a Gentlemen. Finally as she looked at the gentleman, he replied to her, can I help you. Then my mom realized what she had done. These crazy moments give us crazy laughs.

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